Emmy Rossum Is Finally FULLY Embracing Her Natural Curls And We LOVE Them!

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Emmy Rossum has naturally curly hair, and we had NO idea! In the role we know her best for, Showtime’s Shameless, her hair is pretty straight. So when we discovered that her natural curl pattern is full of gorgeous corkscrew style curls, we nearly lost it! Thankfully, she is NOT shy about them anymore.

Okay, to be honest, we are a little late to the party. Emmy has been wearing her hair curly since 2018, and here’s the proof. She posted this photo of herself on March 30, 2018. Rossum literally proclaims that she was on a mission to find the perfect curly girl routine for her with the following caption.

day off
still on a mission for best curl products
I am the guinea pig for all products so you don’t have to buy and try, I’ll do it for you
will report my findings when I am super duper sure


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Now, fast forward four years, and she has found it! She shared her secret to giving her curls the life they deserve in Vogue’s Beauty Secrets series. Watch below to find out what her go-to hair product is for perfect results.

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