Gigi Hadid Forced To Clear Up A Rumor She Accidentally Started About Rihanna

We should all be thinking about everything we post online. It is so easy for something that was said innocently or in passing to be construed into way more than intended. Gigi Hadid is dealing with this, and has been prompted to clean up a comment she said about Rihanna’s pregnancy.

Hadid, among hundreds of thousands of others, made the sweetest innocent comment on Rihanna’s pregnancy photos. She wrote the comment on the post Rihanna published on her page. She simply wrote, “???????? three angels ????.” But it received over 25k likes and a flood of comments asking if it was true that Rihanna was pregnant with twins. Not realizing this until a few days later, she had to clear up everything. “I just caught word of this commotion ^ ????,” she wrote in a comment. “I meant rih/rocky/baby lol.” Glad she cleared it up for fans, they were eager to go with that story!

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