I Just Fell In Love With Vanessa Hudgen’s House, And You Definitely Will Too!

A lot of times, celebrity homes are over the top, so much so that you can’t actually imagine yourself living there. In fact, many celebrities don’t even have the time to live in their homes. With being on location, filming, photo shoots, and jetting from here to there, numerous starlets and leading men have a hard time finding down time to just be… That was semi the case for Vanessa Hudgens, until the pandemic hit, and she started spending all of her time at home, like the rest of us.

via Architectural Digest

She took it upon herself to really make her house into a home. She especially spent time on her kitchen, which looks so inviting and calming in its green and natural tones. But maybe the best parts of her entire home are her outdoor spaces, which includes a gorgeous secret garden, fruit trees and even a pizza oven. It is easy to imagine spending long afternoons and evenings out under the stars.

via Architectural Digest

Watch below as Hudgens gives Architectural Digest a private tour of her wonderfully beautiful, spacious and yet quaint and inviting home. You’ll love every inch!

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