Nathalie Emmanuel’s Step-By-Step Guide To Your Best Curls Ever!

If you are a Games Of Thrones fan, then you probably know Nathalie Emmanuel best as Missandei. She wore her gorgeous hair in a natural style for the entire duration of the show. Her curls flow just right because of her natural hair routine. She graciously filmed every step for Vogue, recently, and now we’re sharing it for you to see!

Watch below as Emmanuel shows us the dos and don’ts of all things self-care in her world. She takes us through her skincare, makeup and natural hair routines in real time. And if you’re wondering what her secrets are — to making her curls picture perfect, you’re in luck, she spills them all!

You can see Emmanuel most recently in F9: The Fast Saga, of the Fast & Furious franchise, and on Netflix for the prequel of Army of the Dead, in Army of Thieves.

Featured image via Vogue.

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