Rumor Has It: Armie Hammer Is Working At A Timeshare In The Cayman Islands?

via Twitter

According to TMZ, Armie Hammer has been spending quite a lot of time in the Cayman Islands. First, with his kids, and now ex-wife, during the pandemic, and now he’s still there living a different kind of life than all of us expected. A witness spotted Armie wearing a blue polo, giving tours at the resort. His ex-wife and kids have since left, but he remained.

As of Wednesday, on Twitter, a flyer was posted with Armie’s photo, describing him as a “personal concierge.” At that time, the story was still unfolding, and it was a little bizarre. Armie himself laughed off the claims that he worked at the resort, and his rep further shed doubt on the situation.

His rep told TMZ that he definitely hangs out at the resort, but alluded that the reason was entirely because he has a friend there. Based on this intel, and the updated tweet from Variety, below, it seems like that’s the extent of it. This whole stunt boiled down to a prank!

But who knows, maybe he’s researching a new role?

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