Zoë Kravitz Spills ALL Her Beauty Secrets, Even The One She Does With Her Gorgeous Age-Defying Mom!

Celebrities no longer act coy when they receive questions about their beauty secrets. Gone are the days when stars used to be tight lipped about their guarded skincare routines. In the past, if a celebrity shared their beauty regimen, it usually involved an ad or endorsement deal. But now, more than ever, stars seem extremely happy to expose how they achieve their flawless looks, up to a point, of course. Starlets are still mum about plastic surgery and beauty enhancements. But when it comes to makeup or skincare, that, they participate in, even if just to stay relevant.

The new competition to the celebrity is the influencer. They are the accessible version of stars. Influencers communicate directly to their fans, cultivate relationships and show their followers all their secrets. They push the envelope so far that they changed the mentality of the celebrity, challenging them to be more relatable and inclusive. Even media brands like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar jumped on these trends. Many of the top editorials now include beauty segments that expose the tips and tricks celebrities use, personally. These secrets are not just for their on-screen personas. They are sharing their day-to-day skincare routines, makeup techniques and more. All this allows fans a never before look into how they achieve their glow daily. And fans are eating up all the content.

Zoë Kravitz is one of these celebrities, and her take on beauty is absolutely refreshing. Watch her spill everything below. We recommend taking notes.

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