Doja Cat Calls Out STRANGER THINGS’ Noah Schnapp For Sharing DM Convo On TikTok

via British GQ

So, here’s the story. Doja Cat wanted to get in touch with, and float the idea of dating Joseph Quinn from Stranger Things. Which was backed up by this tweet she posted on May 30, this year.

She didn’t have his contact info or his Instagram or anything – so she did the next best thing. She reached out to one of his co-stars instead. Enter Noah Schnapp. She hit him up in his DMs and inquired. They have a quick and totally chill exchange and she ends up getting Joseph’s Twitter info.

But little did Doja Cat know, young Noah would share a screenshot of their message in a TikTok video. He captioned it “thirsty doja.” We can see the screenshot of the message exchange here, below.

via Screenshot from BuzzFeed

So how did Doja respond, after being outed on TikTok? Well, she took to social media, herself, and went Live on Instagram to air her distaste for the whole thing. Watch below as she calls out Noah for this whole thing.

@needysuga Id be annoyed too tbh… #dojacat #noahschnapp #foryoupage #live ♬ original sound – needysuga

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