What To Watch This Weekend: February 11 Edition

It’s the weekend, and at quitting time it will be the official start of your Friday! So to help get you in the mood for weekend vibes, we’ve got our top picks for what to watch. Since Valentine’s Day is on Monday, this is a big weekend for curling up with your significant other, loved ones or your besties to watch something good (and a little romantic).

Here are the movies and series we are looking forward to getting into this weekend

I Want You Back

This stars Jenny Slate (who we ???? SO much), super hilarious Charlie Day, Gina Rodriguez (who we ???? too), and so many others! It looks like it’s an absolute riot and would be best watched with anyone who enjoys a good laugh! We just hope it lives up to the hype we’re giving it, let us know on Insta if you watch it this weekend!

Where can you watch it? On PrimeVideo!

Marry Me

Okay, this film speaks for itself. We mean Jennifer Lopez is in it, so if you ????  her as much as we do, this will be a good watch for you. Also, Owen Wilson is in it. If you like his fun, easygoing humor, then this romantic comedy is as much for you as it is for us!

We don’t think this will be the best movie in the world, but it will be fun! If you watch this movie, and want to share your thoughts with us, let us know in our DMs!

You can watch this gem of a film in theaters or on the streaming service Peacock!

The Afterparty

This one is on our list for three hilarious reasons:  Dave Franco (Neighbors), Sam Richardson (HBO’s Veep), Ilana Glazer (Comedy Central’s Broad City), and Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation). If you have our kind of humor, this series may be up your alley. Those who are Tiffany Haddish fans, you’re in luck, she stars in this series as well! This series is jammed pack with comedy somebodies who, we hope, will make you laugh the night away! Hopefully, it’s as funny as we think it will be.

You can watch this series on Apple TV+, and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts. DM them to us on Instagram!

Inventing Anna

Lastly, we’re looking forward to the Shonda Rhimes created series Inventing Anna. It stars one of our favorite actresses, from one of the most riveting shows we can’t get enough of, Julia Garner, from Ozark.

Just so you know our mindset, we will be DEFINITELY binge watching this Netflix series. Let us know if you do, too!

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