10 Timeless Style Tips From The Most Fashionable Style Icons

Fashion can be very subjective. It is all about how you carry yourself, the way you present yourself and how much confidence you exude. There’s a saying (and we’re paraphrasing here): if a model is worth their weight, they can make a paper bag look good. That’s the idea of fashion and style, but what if we’re looking for more direct tips? What if we are looking for concrete things we can incorporate into our wardrobe to help us find a formula to replicate to improve our style? Well, that’s where the video below comes in, and can be super helpful.

Shea Whitney’s self-titled lifestyle channel on YouTube tackles topics like these. In fact, in the video we included, 10 Timeless Style Tips, she details what made certain fashion icons look effortlessly put together all the time. Shea highlights the likes of Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, and more!

Watch it, and let us know what you think. We, ourselves, are loving the statement sleeves. We are even thinking about bringing them into our own personal style.

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