21 Budget-Friendly Tips And Tricks To Dress Like A Rich Girl

Why are celebrities, heiresses, and super rich influencers a lot of the fashion industry’s go-to fashion icons, probably because they have the money to spend on high priced pieces and outstanding designers and perfect combinations. But fashion and style is about more than just buying expensive pieces. Style is about pairing accessories and mixing and matching different elements in order to achieve a certain look. And when you couple that with expensive statement pieces, you can look like a million bucks.

How do we do that exactly? Well that’s where self-proclaimed fashion and beauty junkie Niki Sky comes in with tips and tricks to create a polished rich looking style for a lot less.

As a side note, while we are spending a lot of time talking about building your style with accessories and statement pieces, remember, the most important element is always confidence. No matter what we’re wearing, our confidence will always shine through. And if we’re not quite there yet, “Fake It ‘Til [We] Make It.” In fact, when an interviewer asked Rihanna how she is able to keep her confidence even on those days when she doesn’t feel so confident, she said she fakes it!

So, in keeping with the “fake it til you make it theme,” let’s dive into Niki Sky’s tips for looking (or “faking”) like a rich girl. And she’s going to do it all while on a budget!

Here are 21 Tips And Tricks To Dress Like A Rich Girl



Featured image via Instagram / Sofia Richie.

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