How To Wear A Blazer 10 Ways

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The perfect staple that every fashionista should have in her closet, is the blazer. It is a quintessential item that can complete any look. Need to rush to the super market but don’t have time to get glammed up (the store is one of the best places to meet somebody *hint, hint*)? Or maybe you need to run to the bank? Wherever you have to go, a blazer is the perfect add-on topper that will have you looking polished — even if you’re still in your leggings from this morning’s yoga sesh. And just to help you along the way, we’ve come up with six go-to ways to style your blazer.

Style #1: Pair With Denim!

Style #2: Dress Up Your Biker Shorts

Style #3: Make It Your Pop Of Color

Style #4: Crop Top It

Style #5: Make It A Suit

Style #6: Put A Little Cream On Top

Style #7: Oversize It!

Style #8: Make It Look Expensive!

Style #9: Top Off A Skirt Ensemble

Style #10: Get It Tailored To You

If you need any additional inspiration, check out these looks!

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