This #StyleNotSize Body Positive Movement Is Giving Us SO Much Life RN!

One of the best trends on social media has to be the #stylenotsize campaign. It distinguishes that fashion and confidence is about how you carry yourself NOT about the size you fit into — and we’re ALL about it. The body positive movement gained some traction on TikTok (and then was brought over to Instagram) with best friend duo Denise Mercedes and Maria Castellanos.

For Mercedes and Castellanos, it basically goes like this:
  • They each select the same several outfits in their respective sizes
  • Then, they try them on in the setting of their choice (our favorites are those filmed in their homes, but they also have some that are filmed on the street or outside in creative locations)
  • Next, they film the resulting outfits as if they are on a runway
  • Lastly, the video gets put to music 

And voila, they have the finished product. 

Instagram / mariacastellanos_ri

When asked about #StyleNotSize , Mercedes told POPSUGAR, 

Women should wear what they want and not compare [themselves] to others or think [they] can’t wear something because of a specific body type [they] have. Young people are the future, so it’s important to teach them that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

We are behind Denise and Maria one hundred percent. And now that the fashion industry has partnered with them both on a number of campaigns, it will be inspiring to see what heights this movement reaches. Already, with plus size models, like Ashley Graham, making waves in the fashion industry, posing on the cover of Vogue, walking in highly acclaimed fashion shows and so much more, the doors have been opened. It is nice to see that the beauty and fashion industries are changing for the better, and we say, it’s about time!

Instagram / denisemmercedes

Here are some of our favorite #StyleNot Size campaigns on Instagram. All are brought to you by best friend duo Mercedes and Castellanos.

This Is Probably Our Favorite One!
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We Can’t Get Enough Of This One (Plus, It Features Queen Bee And Drake, On The Track)!
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We Loved This One So Much We Reposted It To Our Socials!

It got over 2.4k likes and 40k views. It DEFINITELY resonated. 

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Read more about the #StyleNotSize Social Media Movement here.

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