10 Photos That Prove Halle Berry Is Defying All Odds

Halle Berry has entertained millions of people on their screens for decades and she’s not backing down anytime soon. Before getting into acting, the 54-year-old Oscar winner was a model and beauty pageant contestant even participating in Miss World 1986. To you, she’s Storm from X-Men, Leticia Musgrove from Monster’s Ball, Catwoman, and Sofia from John Wick 3. To us, she’s all that and a woman defying all odds.

Let’s dive right into the list of stunning photos of this talented woman.

1. Halle Berry looks absolutely amazing in this white tee and bikini bottom, no one would know that she is 54!


2. Clad in an orange bikini, this photo is what dreams are made of.


3. Her. abs. That’s all we have to say about this pic.


4. This photo proves Halle Berry is like wine, she just gets better with age!


5. She bodied all the wigs. Forever our Storm.


6. Who won’t wish they looked this good straight out of the shower?


7. Highlighting her natural nails because they are just so pretty.


8. With a back like that, we’re so motivated to actually do more than just document her Fitness Friday tips.


9. This photo of Halle makes all our thirst traps look like attention repellants.


10. We’re not saying you should get one but if you’re ever in need of a trained fighter, go for Halle who did most of her own stunts in John Wick 3!


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