Self-Love Starts From The Inside, And This Video Proves It SO Much That We Have SERIOUS Feels RN ????

via TikTok / gabbygoodman

Self-love is not just a Gen Z/millennial mentality, it is backed by science. To read about how highly psychologists regard self-love, check out this article here. Self-love does not come from the outside, but starts from within, taking us away from perfectionism and closer to self-compassion. It is the idea that we should take ownership over ourselves, and understand our needs, our wants and our feelings, and then fulfilling them. An aspect that is sometimes overlooked about self-love is this: we should own up to our actions and understand the roles we play in our own lives. Self-love is not about denying our lessons, but learning lessons. It’s about growth, and that’s what we love about it.

In a video we found on TikTok, this idea is especially illustrated. Below, you’ll see a beautiful woman who is filming herself. She describes it as a video she recorded in order to feel better about herself. Under her TikTok handle @gabbygoodman, she said she was feeling a little self conscious about herself and decided to film a video to make her feel better. While she is working up her confidence in front of the camera, something truly amazing and absolutely impromptu happens. And it’s all caught on film! We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so please watch it below. It will really help show how confidence conjured up on the inside exudes out into the outside.

@gabbygoodman Made my day ???? #fyp #selflove #confidence ♬ I AM WOMAN – Emmy Meli

To get a fuller understanding of self-love and the magic it holds, read about it here. It’s really a phenomenal way to learn more about it.

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