Look Bad In Pics? SAME. Here’s How To Take The Most FIRE Photos Ever!

via Instagram / heybriajones

We are ALL familiar with this scenario. We spend hours perfecting our look, making sure everything’s in place (amazing), but then, in front of the camera, the whole story switches up. Not one photo portrays us as good as we look in the mirror. Why is that? It’s our most frustrating pet peeve in life (among other things). But, there is a way to solve it, and that answer comes to us from YouTuber Bria Jones.

Bria is an amazing YouTube creator with over 122k subscribers. She created one of the most needed videos:  “how to take FIRE pictures of yourself (posing tricks, lighting tips, how to edit photos & MORE!” Watch below as she takes us through the best tricks and tips for taking the best photos ever! Listen up, and take notes, we’re doing one better and saving this to keep referencing every time we need it! We’ll let Bria take it from here!

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