Addison Rae Spills Her Secrets To A Radiant Shine and Rosy Freckles

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Maybe you’re having a socially distanced brunch / lunch / dinner date. Maybe you have a super important Zoom call and want to look your best. Maybe you have no places to be and no persons to see; but does that mean you shouldn’t try to up your make-up game? Absolutely not. Yeah it’s pretty simple to gather your coins and order make-up online but the uphill battle is using your make-up products correctly.

Who better to learn from than your favorite YouTubers and celebrities? Level up, sis, that is, if make-up is something you’re interested in. If you’re not about the extra layer life, that’s fine. But, if you’re trying to find out some cool tips on faux freckles and glowy make-up for example, we found a video you totally need to see.

19-year-old TikTok star Addison Rae is known for posting lip-syncs and dance clips but not a lot of beauty content. Yet, in the absence of our insight into her beauty routine, Addison always looks so amazing. Thanks to Vogue, she’s finally letting us in on her beauty secrets. Learn Addison’s neat tricks in the video below.

Addison Rae’s Beauty Guide to Faux Freckles and a Go-To Glowy Makeup Look (For Vogue)

We’ve got more Addison x Beauty content for you. Earlier this year, the social media star joined beauty YouTuber, James Charles for a sit-down to get red carpet-ready alongside interesting talk. A combination of good conversation and stunning make-up artistry, the duo discussed her dropping out college, rise to fame, how to stay positive, the hype house, and a lot more as James did what he knows best. It’s totally worth the watch. See the entertaining video below.

James Gives Addison “A Super Glam Red Carpet Makeup Look”

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