OpulenceMD Beauty’s Magnetic Eyelashes are Positively Safe for You

We’re all used to gluing on lashes for a glam up or taking a trip to the beauty salon to get semi-permanent lashes done. Well, these options can expose us to some dangers which have been highlighted by Dr. Anika Goodwin.

As a board certified ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) for over 15 years, she sees some medical issues regarding overall body health when it comes to our eyelashes. She said, “I cringe when I see women gluing on lash extensions each day, wearing lash extensions for weeks or months without cleaning them, totally skip cleaning their eyelashes in order to avoid sacrificing their expensive individual lash touch up, and using the same tube of mascara for months without sanitizing the brush or replacing the tube.”

Finding a solution, Dr. Anika Goodwin created OpulenceMD Beauty which is “a line of eye related beauty products, offers not only high end beauty solutions, but ones that put the health of your eyes and vision at the forefront. If your health is your wealth, then your vision is your treasure, and it is much too important to gamble with.”

OpulenceMD Beauty Lashes do not require the use of glue which can contain a substance called formaldehyde that may be harmful to your eyes and cause damage to your natural lashes.

Magnetic eyelashes which are safe and easy to use could never be a negative choice. Shop here!

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