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Chia Seeds + Water = Clear Skin, Weight Loss & Promotes The Elimination Of Belly Fat

There are so many ways to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle. But this one caught our eye, and it’s trending on TikTok with over 100k likes! So, let’s dive in a little deeper. Chia seeds can be found at most grocery stores and basically all health food markets. They are nutrient dense little tiny seeds that are black and white. They are great sources of protein and fiber. And water, as we all know is necessary for all life. It keeps us hydrated, healthy and helps our bodies flush out toxins and any impurities we may have. Therefore, it only makes sense that if we add the two together, it would be a super healthy elixir.

According to healthline, there are six potentially amazing health benefits we could all get from combining chia seeds and water.

The combo can or may help us do the following:

    1. Reduce high blood pressure
    2. Reduce inflammation
    3. Offer heart healthy benefits
    4. Support bone health
    5. Help control blood sugar
    6. Help relieve irritated skin
    7. Help curb overeating

Looking for the best recipe, try this one, below! And if you’re feeling like you need a little more benefits, try adding lemon, get the recipe from Dr. Jill!

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