Did You Just Cut Curtain Bangs, But Now Can’t Figure Out How To Style Them? Watch This!

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Short hair is totally in, especially the blunt bob. We really can’t go anywhere without seeing at least a few. But what if your hair isn’t the same length in the front as it is in the back? Enter curtain bangs. This is a cool way to get the best of both worlds WITHOUT having to use extensions. Of course, we can always choose to get a cute wig and cut it in the exact style we’re going for, or we could add extension pieces to get the look. Either way, we have tons of options nowadays. So, let’s talk about curtain bangs and the best way to style them once you get them.

Jules Jacobson, a YouTuber and influencer, has a video we love. It is basically all the every day hairstyles she uses to style her curtain bangs. She has been wearing her hair short for quite awhile and has some excellent tips. Watch below to get some serious hair inspo to try out on your own!

Still in need of more inspo + additional hairstyle options. Try these five from Kayley Melissa! Watch below.

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