Don’t Have Hours For Daily Self-Care? Try These Super Simple, Realistic + Practical Self-Care Routine Tips!

via Lavendair / Rowena Tsai

Self-care is always supposed to be a priority. But what happens when your self-care routine takes up WAY too much time? Well, that’s a problem a lot of us are having. While prioritizing self-care, sometimes it can be way too easy to over-prioritize it above other things that are necessities.

For instance, if we work a 9 to 5, or need to be somewhere on time, having a self-care routine that takes four hours could get in the way. So simplifying our self-care routines is a huge plus, especially for those times when you don’t have extra time. YouTuber Rowena Tsai was dealing with this problem, until she came up with a realistic and practical self-care routine that she swears by, especially when she’s feeling too tired, too busy, or too rushed.

Of course, her suggestions are just that, suggestions. It is up to us to figure out what works best for us. Watch below and see Rowena’s go-to self-care shortcuts! Some of them are real game-changers, but we’ll let you see for yourself!

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