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4 Easy Ways To Tighten Those Abs

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Let’s face it, working out is not always fun. Until you get into a routine, and make it a lifestyle, it can be such a drag. But, when you start seeing those results, it makes it all worth it. So for us, here, at Unpretty, we are always looking for ways to maximize workouts. We came across this particular workout series while perusing on Instagram, and we fell in love with the results. As with anything, you have to do them consistently to see a difference. Also, it is important to couple these moves with healthy, sensible eating choices. Experts have proven that eating is 80% of the battle, so definitely don’t skimp out on incorporating those healthy foods.

This ab series involves four different exercises for varying amounts of repetitions. Regina, a healthy lifestyle influencer on Instagram, suggests doing this set of moves twice to get the best results.

The order goes like this:

10 Jack Knives ????
20 Scissors ✂️
10 Leg Raises ????????
50 Mountain Climbers ????????‍♀️

Don’t forget to do TWO sets!

Now, without further ado, let’s get started. Watch the video below, to see all the moves demonstrated by Regina. As with all workouts, make sure to consult your doctor first to make sure these moves are safe for you.

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