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Denise Pines’ WisePause Reveals in 2020 Health-Tech Report that African American Women are Overlooked in Innovation Research, Development and Investment

WisePause, a pro-aging health and education platform, just published two research reports —  FemAging 2020 HealthTech Report ‘the report’ and FemAging in the COVID-19 Era

The FemAging in the COVID-19 Era report explains the belief of nearly one-quarter (22%) of U.S. women ages 40-65 that the coronavirus pandemic will have a negative impact on their health and well-being in the present and long into the future.

FemAging 2020 discloses that over 50% of U.S. women age 40+ , particularly African American women, are deeply worried about the probabilities of staying active, healthy, and independent as they age.

The Report also highlights FemAging Tech, a new sector introduced by Wise Pause which “features innovations such as clothing, nutritional products, wearables, sensors, diagnostics, devices, pharmaceuticals and digital applications developed specifically for women ages 40+”

Founder, Denise Pines said, “The FemAging 2020 report reveals a tremendous missed opportunity in women’s health. We learned that older women of all backgrounds are clamoring for products and services that truly meet their most vital and sensitive health, wellness, and well-being needs.”

“I’m hopeful the report will help spark a groundswell of global innovation, business initiatives, and investment in solutions uniquely tailored for women ages 40+ and recognized the needs of women of color,” added Pines who also co-authored the report.

Concerns of African- American women on aging, the menopause treatment gap as well as other matters affecting African-American and women of color generally are equally discussed in the report.

Wise Pause will be presenting a conference, The WisePause Lifestyle Global Virtual Summit, on September 12, 2020. The conference is FREE. More information on the virtual summit is available here.

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