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How Working Out Just 11 Minutes A Day Can Change Everything!

Now, to be absolutely clear, the best amount of time to move your body each day is 35 minutes a day. But, if you are having a little trouble getting there, don’t worry. A study, cited by CNN, says that if you can make it to the 11 minute mark, then you can drastically increase your lifespan.

Why, you may be wondering. Well, because sitting is like the new smoking. Experts have found that living a sedentary lifestyle is keeping us from being healthy. Getting up to move is something we should be doing hourly, throughout the day. Even if it is as small as getting up and doing a few stretches or walking around the house, since a lot of us are still working from home. We basically need to do better, as a whole, and by adding 11 minutes of activity to your routine each day, you will be doing your whole health a huge favor!

One of the easiest ways to get this process going, as soon as possible, is to turn on some music, and just starting moving.

Dance, Dance Like No One’s Watching!

Dancing is a great way to get your body moving in a fun way. Doing a freestyle dance that allows you to sway to the music however you like, is a wonderful endorphin booster! Just find 3 to 4 songs to put in your queue and get moving!

If you need a little more structure, try a dance party workout with growwithjo on YouTube:

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