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Looking To Lose Weight, Absolutely Ignore These Tips Completely!

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Wanting to lose weight is almost a slew of bad words nowadays. If you’re talking about trying to shed a few pounds, in some circles it can automatically imply that you do not currently like your body. We know that’s not always the case. But in this climate of body positivity and style not size movements, it can be taboo to want to get in shape. So let’s get into this.

Our Perspective

Our view is this:  if you want to lose weight to get healthier, be fitter, get stronger or feel better in your skin, we are absolutely, hands down, all for it, especially if it’s done in a healthy way. If you want to lose weight to look good in your jeans, bikini, etc., we understand that, too, we’ve all been there! But we would feel like we’re leading you astray if we were to stop there.

In reality, it is important for all of us to look a little deeper into the things we want out of life. It’s easy to stop short and only uncover the superficial reason why we might do a thing. That’s why it is important to peel back those layers and get to the bottom of why we do certain activities, or want specific outcomes. This gives us insight into the things that really make us tick. Mel Robbins actually touches on this, but from a different perspective, the vantage point of jealousy. A lot of times, jealousy or envy can teach us something about what we truly desire.

For instance, losing weight might start off as the desire to want to look better – to be more attractive. But in reality, we would all like to (on some level) reach our potential – in every area of our lives. So of course we would want to feel the same about our bodies. Everything starts in the mind and your intention, your why, if you will. That’s the motivation behind us compiling the following list. We should avoid them all together, if we want to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Leave them alone not only because they don’t involve listening to your body but also because a lot of them are focused on fad diets or outdated information.

Avoid These Health Tips:

  1. Do juice cleanses
  2. Never miss breakfast, even if you aren’t hungry
  3. Eat several small meals every 2 – 3 hours
  4. Don’t weigh yourself every day
  5. Don’t lose weight too quickly
  6. Focus your attention on cardio
  7. Calorie Intake should be your number one priority
  8. Minimize foods high in natural fat

To read more on why we should avoid these tips, take a look at this researched backed article by Healthline.

In reality, the best and safest way to lose weight is by understanding your body, and listening to what it needs. So instead, try these health tips below!

1. If you overeat or gain weight:


2. If you’re feeling self-conscious about weighing yourself everyday:


3. If you still want to eat the foods you love and still lose weight:

4. If you struggle with intuitive eating:

The Bottom Line:

Not every tip will work for every body. Instead work on creating healthy habits that are sustainable, make you feel healthier and happier, and allow you to enjoy the foods you like. It is not about restrictions, it is about adding more good things to your life. Try adding more greens and antioxidants to your meals. Insist on taking the stairs more, or parking a little farther away from your destination (as long as it’s safe) to get more steps in.

It’s all about creating opportunities to make better decisions, not harping on the bad ones that we make from time to time. Hopefully, these tips are helpful. Remember, once you have enough good habits that stick, the old ones will eventually fall by the wayside, but the key is consistency. Oh, and if we fall short (because we definitely will), try some of the good health tips above – to help you get back on track with the right mindset!

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