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Need To Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Goals, Do This For Two Weeks!

via Instagram / melaniestieffel

Okay, so, lately, we haven’t been as strict on our eating, as diligent with our exercise routine, or as relentless with our water intake, and that’s fine. We’ve all been there. But what’s the best way to jumpstart back into gear, well, it’s easier to do, when you have a specific plan to follow – from someone who has actually done it AND seen the results. It’s basically a map, and that’s exactly what we have here from Melanie Stieffel, a YouTube creator, who has lost over 80 pounds on her own.

In her video description of how she actually does it, feel free to use the fast forward button, but we promise, there is gold in it! In fact, she uses a similar bootcamp style program that we use for ourselves. She’s funny, personable, gorgeous, and has been on her own weight loss journey, so she knows exactly what she is talking about. Plus, she did it WITHOUT hiring a trainer or going to any fitness classes – so let’s take the time and listen to what she has to say (it is ABSOLUTELY worth it)!

Watch below, and let’s be ready to work, because it is NOT easy. This is NOT a quick fix program, this is a DO THE WORK and you’ll SEE THE RESULTS type of system. So if we’re ready to sweat, let’s go get our goals!!

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