Here’s A Concealer Hack That Will Not Only Get Rid Of Dark Circles But Will Also Lift Your Face!

via YouTube / Christen Dominique

Concealer is such an amazing tool for makeup. It can brighten the look of your skin, cover blemishes and it can also even out your skin tone. If used correctly, it can cover those dark circles as well as provide a lifted look to your face. That’s where Christen Dominique comes in, she’s well known in the beauty industry. She has a super popular YouTube channel, and has made appearances on shows like The Real and Style Code Live. So she is definitely a trusted voice.

In the video below, Christen goes through her favorite tips for using concealer the RIGHT way. She did extensive research on all the trending hacks and tricks, and came up with her favorite go-to technique. She shows the difference between applying concealer the regular way (the old application) versus the new way she discovered. Watch below, and don’t be afraid to take notes, because we definitely are!

If you’d like to learn even more about the best makeup techniques, check out this additional video from Christen Dominique. she goes through the biggest makeup mistakes to avoid take a look below!

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