The REAL Reason You Have A Messy House + 10 FOOLPROOF Ways To Keep It Organized!

No one really wants to admit it, but from time to time, our homes can get a little messy. I’d be the first to admit that I’m not the most organized person in the world, but I have to say, I don’t love that about myself. And if I’m guessing correctly, you probably don’t like that about yourself either, if you’re still with us. Those who have no problem staying organized have probably already clicked off this article.

So, now that it is just us, let’s get into it. Why do we have such a problem staying organized? Well, it is NOT because we haven’t bought all the newest Container Store releases. Let’s face it, no amount of containers will get us organized if our system is out of whack. And that’s what we absolutely love about Caroline Winkler. She has a self-titled YouTube channel where she tackles subjects from an interior design perspective. In the video below, she explores the topic of home organization in such a fresh, and new, and easy-to-digest sort of way.

She talks about color coding and why it won’t necessarily help us keep a clean and neat house. Instead she offers these amazing tips that actually work. It all comes down to how we really live our lives and working to create easy ways to maintain order without making things inconvenient. That’s the key and she explores it brilliantly. Take notes, there are some absolute gems you won’t wan to miss!


Featured Image via Instagram / lavishlyjackie

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