This Foolproof Eyeshadow Hack Will Make Anyone Look Like A Makeup Pro

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When makeup is flawless, it looks gorgeous, but when there’s too much of one thing or another, it can get out of control and escalate quickly. That’s why makeup tips, tricks and hacks are so popular. They help us make sure that there is no guess work. We can look like a professional makeup artist, even if we are a novice.

Today, we’re featuring a makeup trend that went viral instantly. As soon as people saw this eyeshadow trick, the likes and comments came flying in, saying how much they loved it and wish they knew about it sooner. It is so simple, even those who have the hardest time with makeup can master it rather easily.

A popular makeup influencer, Anya, introduced us to the trend. She is a self proclaimed makeup lover and it shows. Her Instagram account is full of beautiful makeup looks, insightful beauty tutorials, clever tips, and so much more. Here, she demonstrates the eyeshadow hack, and once you see the results, you’ll want to try it out yourself!

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