Turn Any Face Serum Into A Soothing, Radiance-Boosting, De-Puffer In 5 Simple Steps!

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Let’s face it, we all would love to look radiant 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but sometimes, in order to do that we need a little help. That’s where acclaimed makeup artist, Jo Baker (makeup and beauty specialist to the stars), comes into play. She has created an easy 5-step process to transform any eye or face serum into a calming de-puffer that will instantly awaken your eyes and give you the appearance of being refreshed. You only need a few supplies.

Items Needed:

  1. Mini Ice Cube Tray (Jo Baker suggests a silicone one, like what she uses in the video, below)
  2. Coffee Stirrers (cut them in half, if you wish, and file down the rough edges with a nail file)
  3. Your Go-To Eye or Face Serum
  4. Cucumber Slices
  5. A Tiny Bit Of Water (you’ll eyeball the measurements)
  6. Access to a Freezer


Step One

First, we suggest making sure your ice cube tray is thoroughly cleaned and dried. Then, what you’ll do is add your eye or face serum to the individual tray vessels. You really only need to do this with two individual molds. If you’re making a batch for you and your friends, or you would like to save some for later, feel free to fill more. However you decide to do this, make sure you skip the molds around each one (to make room for the circumference or edges of the cucumbers. So basically spread them out as much as you can.

Step Two

In the video, Miss Jo Baker (as her Instagram handle is called) uses a straw to add a tiny bit of water, just to round out the ratio. We imagine this is to minimize the amount of product you actually need — and will help you conserve your precious beauty serum. As always, if you prefer to change the proportions or ratios, that is totally up to you. This is merely a guide for you to customize in order to suite your needs.

Step Three

Place your cucumber slices over the openings of the ice cube molds that contain your serum, and space them out accordingly. Make sure that your cucumber slices are at least 1/4 of an inch thick to ensure it is sturdy enough to stay secure with the coffee stirrers. Now, you can eyeball your cucumber slices, we just recommend that they are thick enough — so they do not fall apart. Plus, pro tip, after you finish using the serum, we will use the cucumbers to help soothe your eyes even more!

Step Four

Here’s one of the key parts of this whole process. Take your coffee stirrers and make sure they are smooth on all ends. If not, take a nail file and smooth out all the edges. Make sure you especially do this, if you decided to cut them in half. We don’t want to injure our skin with any jagged or sharp edges — so do NOT skip this step. Next, put the coffee stirrers through the cucumbers, into the serum, so that they stand up on their own. The idea is to make tiny popsicles, made out of your beauty serum. So have fun with this step!

Step Five

Place the tray or trays in the freezer and wait until they set. This should take two to three hours. After that, take them out of the freezer and enjoy the process of soothing your skin. Rub them around your eye area or wherever you deem necessary, based on the type of serum you use. Then, when you’re done, take the cucumbers and apply them to your eyes. Let them rest for 10 – 15 minutes and enjoy a little snooze, while you’re at it. When you remove them, you should look refreshed and radiant!

Here’s how Jo Baker does it!

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