Want To Help Stimulate Healthy Hair Growth, Try This DIY Aloe Vera Mask

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Let’s face it. If you don’t have naturally long, thick, healthy hair, you need to work at it to get it there. There’s no such thing as “woke up like this” hair without first putting in the work to get it to that point. And those who have long, healthy hair, usually have done the work to get to those results. They take care of their hair, they protect their hair, they do the necessary things to keep and maintain their hair. So what do they do? They have a routine. They have wash days that fall on certain days of the week, they take the time to actually do their hair, and they take care of it in between.

One way to help facilitate healthy growth is by implementing hair masks into your healthy hair routine. For Natasha Camille, an Instagram Influencer (who by the way has gorgeous hair), this step is vital to her hair regimen. Every wash day, which she states is once a week, she creates a DIY hair mask with two key ingredients: aloe vera and castor oil.

The aloe vera comes straight from the plant and the castor oil is Jamaican black castor oil. Combined, the two promote hair growth, condition the scalp and hair, provide nutrients in the form of vitamins A, C & E, as well as add extra moisture to strands. She adds the aloe vera first, then rubs in the castor oil, making certain to saturate her tresses. Then she puts her hair in two braids and allows the mask to sit for at least one hour.

Afterwards, she shampoos and conditions her hair as normal, and styles her hair. The results are gorgeous. Wait until you see them below.

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