Want To Know All About Self-Love, Just Ask Tracee Ellis Ross!

We absolutely LOVE (can’t get enough of) Tracee Ellis Ross!! We mean, she’s ah-maze-ing. So, when we came across this jewel, we had to make sure to share it with you. Tracee Ellis Ross is sort of like the big sister/auntie you wish you always had… and you know what, she’s TOTALLY leaning into it (which is another reason why we are obsessed with her)!

She is 49 and shines (we mean absolutely glows), all the way through. As the queen of living life to the fullest, and being unapologetically herself, we want to (naturally) absorb all the knowledge she wants to share.  Watch below (and take notes), she is spilling all the good stuff about self-love and self-care, while drinking wine!

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