Want To Make Your Place Look More Expensive? Do These 10 Things!

I once heard someone say, “I wanted to redecorate my apartment, until I found out it costs $50 for a throw pillow!!!” Well, they are not wrong. When decorating or redecorating your place, it is best to figure out what your budget is beforehand. Once you get started, it is way too easy to spend way too much on one thing. So, having a guideline to help you stay on budget is a perfect approach.

But what happens when you run out of your budget too quickly? Or what happens when you realize you can’t get the exact look you want with the money allocated for your home project? Well that’s where a designer could come in handy. Don’t have a budget for one of those? No worries at all. YouTube is the best source for free advice!

Our go-to design insider is Julie Khuu and she has absolute jewels of wisdom, when it comes to home design. Watch below as she shows us just how to make our homes look more expensive, especially when we’re on a budget. so without further ado, let’s get into it. Take a look at the video and make sure to save it for later. You’ll want it as a reference for all your home design projects!

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