Gigi Hadid is Most Definitely Not Disguising Her Pregnancy

Talk of Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy with boyfriend, Zayn Malik was pretty high on the list of quarantine rumours people hoped to be true . Shortly after the gossip spread, Gigi confirmed the news of her pregnancy on The Tonight Show.

Since then, the public has not been privy to updates on her pregnancy but her life and style choices do not mean she is hiding her pregnancy from the world. Raising that idea, a few days ago, British Vogue tweeted an article titled “Gigi Hadid Reveals How She Disguises Her Pregnancy” which triggered a response from the soon-to-be mom.

“Disguise ….? I said in a baggy jumpsuit the front and side views are visually different stories- not that that was intentional or I was trying to hide anything. Will be proud and happy to share ‘insight’ when I feel like it, thanks,” she wrote.

“For now I am proudly experiencing and sharing this time with my family and loved ones.”

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